By Any Means

by Nick Burman

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Recorded in Calgary AB; mixed and mastered in Bury St Edmunds UK.


released June 1, 2016

Words, guitars, bass, drum programming, samples: Nick Burman



all rights reserved


Nick Burman Bury Saint Edmunds, UK

Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk UK

Guitar, violin, piano, bass, electronic noises.

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Track Name: Jellyfish
My mind needs support
It isn't working like it ought to sometimes
Listening to the glistening
Or lies that leave you missing nursery rhymes
I don't need a crutch
I need much much more
I'm thinking Jellyfish.

I got fired from the job
Now I'm a working slob every fortnight
Is there someway I can stand
And be the spined man And do my right
When they lean on me
I lean on the Jesus Tree
I'm hanging - Jellyfish

Now you can pour me
Then you can watch me Fill a mould
And I can find The only spine Made of gold
I had it all along
And I was strong (sure) No more Jellyfish.

I packed the suitcase
Made the 'port in case I was flying
They cancelled the flight
In the middle of the night I was driving
Where do I go
Where do I know Now I'm loving (Jellyfish)

It might sound like I changed my diet
But if it swims you can cook and I'll try it
It's just my vertabrae needs a check
No more Jellyfish.
Track Name: Easter Sunday
The time is finally here
Like I've waited three days for it
When the dreamer rings the bells
we all hear the message
The time to sleep has come and gone
And the penny drops on another dawn
Love isn't going to wait for another million
You know what you have to do
You're the one, they need the proof

Start up, pull out, drive on
Get up and stretch and go on
Like an Easter Sunday

Blinded by the light
Of a sun that's setting fast
You're living this day
like it could never be your last
Children running up to you
Telling you what to do
There's a man up ahead
who knows my name
Steal it back before its too late

You're breathing like you don't know you're alive
You ride a train like you're the one who paid the ticket
You play the game like you're never going to lose it
You can't wait for sunshine
Monday morning, just fine
Track Name: Point
Don't blame me
I stumble and fall
Trip and crawl
Scratch and cope
Don't look at me
I'm looking at hope, squinting at the light
It's no surprise
I can't see where I'm going

Does anyone alive
Know what's going on
Show me far ahead
If you're really that strong
Don't call It luck, don't call it fate
Walk me to the light and the holy gate

Don't admire me
It's not amazing
Even if I may sing
It's not my story
I just tell it
It's not my book
I just read it

Don't stare at me
I'm a poor reflection
A redirection
All I do is point
There is a point
A broken sign on the road takes you to a village
Just a detour, enroute
To the city,
The golden finish
Track Name: By Any Means